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About Us

Welcome to the Lived Experience Advocacy Network (LEAN), an independent group of diverse change makers who share the experience of homelessness.
We enable independent advocacy, maintain a rich resource drive, and provide opportunities for our community to engage, learn, and make an impact. 

LEAN is a non-profit organization without any political ties or agenda.

Our Vision Statement

As a cohort we will all be LEANing on each other to support each other. We will share resources and opportunities. We will use our collective voices, minds, and spirits to reduce misconceptions surrounding homelessness while guiding Minnesota forward to new/improved homelessness prevention and response strategies that are grounded in the experiences of the unhoused/unstably housed.

How do we fulfill our vision?


We provide a safe space for people with lived experience of homelessness to share their stories. We honor the honesty and integrity of this sacred space.


We help connect each other with resources. We emphasize and truly listen. We fundraise to help make housing/homelessness/advocacy events more accessible for people with lived experience.


We rally to create immediate action when needed. We help each other strengthen our networks. We work together to bring our voices and the voices of our communities to the tables of power.


We organize guest speakers to come to meetings to provide education on topics related to homelessness/housing/advocacy. We created and maintain an educational resource drive to better equip lived experience change makers in their efforts.

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