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This group is open to all people in Minnesota who have lived experience of homelessness.
We meet once a month on the second Wednesday at 3pm. Anyone who has experienced homelessness is welcome to join the meeting- you do not need to be a member. 

Please review the below Confidentiality Agreement. If you understand the terms of the agreement and agree to comply with them, we welcome you to fill out the Membership Form!


Confidentiality Agreement 

LEAN members do not owe their story to anyone, and they have the freedom to share as little or as much as they choose to do so. Anything personal that you learn from attending a LEAN meeting should be treated as private information and handled accordingly. You may use language that you heard from "a LEAN member", "someone with lived experience of homelessness", or in a similar way that de-identifies the individuals. You may not report any information that is naming a LEAN member without that LEAN member's direct written permission.


Confidentiality Agreement is adopted from the Regional Expert Network

Membership Form

Please fill out the information below to become a member!

Would you be interested in joining the Operations Team? The Operations Team meets weekly to coordinate the logistics of the group.
If opportunities come up to share your story with legislators, would you be interested?

Thanks for submitting!

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